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All of the information below is in PDF format and are short articles or summaries of some popular books on the subject. Click on the blue link below to download the article. To download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat click here.

To be able to get onto helpful websites for more information or to download e-books click here.


• Breaking the Cycle of Pain
• Cognitive Therapy for Panic Disorder
• Desired Beliefs
• Erasing Embarrassment
• Exposure to Difficult Situations
• Extra Help for Panic Disorder
• Facts on Anxiety Disorders
• Facts on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
• Reattribuitng Causes of Panic
• Relabeling Symptoms of Panic
• Relabeling Worries and Habits
• Revaluing Problems
• Progressive Relaxation

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:

• Avoidance Identification Worksheet
• Beliefs that Help OCD and TTM
• Client and Parent Pamphlet on OCD
• Extra Help for OCD
• Hoarding Treatment
• Hoarding Treatment Roadblocks
• Hoarding Treatment and Motivation
• Hoarding Treatment Problems
• Hoarding Test
• Imagery Practice
• OCD Checklist
• Planning for Recovery
• Practicing Explosure
• Practicing with Imagery
• Preventing Rituals
• Refocusing and Modifying Techniques
• Ritual Identification Chart
• Treatment Guidelines for OCD
• Trichotillomania (TTM)
• Weekly Progress Report for Trichotillomania
• Habit Reversal Training for Trichotillomania


• Banishing the Darkness of Depression
• Extra Help for Mood Disorders
Facts on Bipolar Disorder
Facts on Depression
• Getting a Grip on Guilt
• Getting Down When You are Too High
• Good Grief
• Mood Chart
• Mood Rollercoaster
• Sadness and Depression
• Types of Temperament
• Women and Depression


• Anger and Violence
• Beliefs that Ease Anger
• Claim it and Aim it
• Extra Help for Anger
• Inflexible Explosive Children
• Practice Makes Peace
• Profiles of Anger
• Taking Danger Out of Anger


• Art of Understanding
• Beliefs that Aid Communication
• Dance of Deflection
• Effective Expression
• Listening Pointers
• Pointers for Deflecting
• Pointers for Effective Expression

Dealing with Your Personality:

• Better Living Through Chemistry
• Caring less about Abandonment
• Conquering the Divide
• Disorders of the Self
• Extra Help for Disorders of the Self
• Finding Strength in Surrender
• Prizing Imperfections
• Self Discovery
• Starting the Search
• Valuing Your Ordinary


• Achievement, Productivity and Behavior
• ADD at Home and the Workplace
• ADD Types and Look-a-likes
• Alternative Treatment for ADD and ADHD
• Attention Deficits Causes and Cures
• Classroom Interventions for the Elementary Age ADHD Child
• Classroom Interventions for the Middle and High School ADHD Child
• Extra Help for ADD and ADHD
• Limits and Benefits of Medication
• Organization and Transitions
• Social Skills
• Long Term Use of Ritalin
• Side Effects of Ritalin


• Actions that encourage obedience
• Attitudes and Backtalk
• Behavior Contract
• Beliefs that Empower Parents
• Be Kind to Others Worksheet
• Child-Rearing Beliefs
• Child-Rearing Skills
• Daily Routines and Habits
• Dependent Adult Children
• Directives That Defy Resistance
• Disagreeable Distant Adult Children
• Extra Measures for Extreme Behavior
• Incentives That Require Cooperation
• Limiting Power
• Moral Matters
• Responses that Reduce Anger
School Related Problems

Your Family of Origin:

• Diagramming the Drama
• Differentiating From Your Family of Origin
• Differentiating in Marriage and Parenthood
• Levels of Differentiation
• Observation Sheet for Family Meetings
• Pointers for Differentiating
• Understanding Your Family Drama


• Beckoning Instead of Chasing
• Beliefs that Help Relationships
• Causes and Cures of Relationship Problems
• Communication that Cures Problems
• Defusing Your Partner
• Disorders That Effect Relationships
• Dissolving Sexual Differences
• Facts You May not Know About Sex
• Gender Gap Facts
• Helping Your Partner to Defuse You
• Relationship Work Sheet
• Restoring Romance
• Rules of Change
• Training Partners to be Helpful
• Turning Control and Jealousy into Passion
• Turning Good-bye into Hello
• Mars/Venus Questionnaire

Test Anxiety:

• Overcoming Test Anxiety
• Treating Test Anxiety
• Test Anxiety
• How to Overcome Test Anxiety
• Test Anxiety Techniques
• Dealing with Test Anxiety

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